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Louis Rossetto, self-proclaimed “troublemaker” and founder and former editor-in-chief of Wired magazine, summed it all up this way: “Digital technology is so broad today as to encompass almost everything.No product is made today, no person moves today, nothing is collected, analyzed or communicated without some ‘digital technology’ being an integral part of it.Accompany also provided me a very recent article where the person I was meeting with discussed the same issue and current concerns. But, I am OK.” Paul Saffo, a leading Silicon-Valley-based technological forecaster and consulting professor in the School of Engineering at Stanford University, said, “I have had an email address on my business card since 1982, and carry enough electronics on my person to get nervous in lightning storms.Having that knowledge was incredible useful for our recent meeting and simply could not/would not have been possible without the use of digital technology.” Mike Liebhold, senior researcher and distinguished fellow at the Institute for the Future, wrote, “Almost every member of my family regularly uses the internet to inform or improve aspects of their well-being: diet, fitness, health, social interaction with family and friends in person and online, education, entertainment, employment, commerce, finance and civic engagement.” William Schrader, the founding CEO of PSINet, wrote, “Every single day: I have private communications with business associates in Europe, Asia, Latin America and in North America, I receive the latest news and alerts from 20 different real news publications (such as the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post and the Economist). do this when others are with me, since I love living in the moment. But I do not condemn or even slightly criticize people for taking a call, checking a text, reading, etc. Digital connectivity has become like oxygen, utterly essential to my research.My Fitbit can connect to a Dexcom blood sugar-testing device that can test blood sugar every five minutes, which is extremely helpful in managing my pre-diabetes.” These one-liners from anonymous respondents hit on a number of different positive themes: Here is a roundup of the many ways these experts described the benefits they get and the benefits they observe.Pamela Rutledge, director of the Media Psychology Research Center, said, “My 90-year-old father was on Facebook for the sole purpose of connecting with kids and grandkids who were scattered across the country.I used to write out first drafts of memos longhand.

I have numerous meetings with people I don’t know or only met once or twice previously.Recently I had a meeting with someone I didn’t know well.An app I use Accompany pulled up an email exchange between the two of us a decade ago about an issue we both care about.Reading and commenting on their posts gave him the ability to participate in the process of their lives.Knowing what the family members were doing increased his sense of involvement and the overall intimacy he experienced with them all.The ability to monitor and track my sleep helps me take actions to get better sleep, which definitely increases well-being.

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