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From there, he could add users and install or modify the device’s software. Remotely download the full user database with all credentials and permissions 2.

Choose whatever admin user, copy the login names and password hashes 3.

Follow beneath steps to solve New Facebook app not working on i Phone 4. Make sure that running Facebook app version is up to date on your i Phone or i Pad Step 2.

Note –This is the process for only reporting broken issue not abuse or spam matter.Use them as source to remotely login to the Dahua devices “This is like a damn Hollywood hack, click on one button and you are in…” Bashis said he was so appalled at the discovery that he labeled it an apparent “backdoor” — an undocumented means of accessing an electronic device that often only the vendor knows about.Enraged, Bashis decided to publish his exploit code without first notifying Dahua.But the specific focus on Kodi remains a problem because, again, Kodi itself isn't illegal.Nor is building a small custom-PC with Kodi (or any of numerous variants like Plex) installed.On March 5, a security researcher named Bashis posted to the Full Disclosure security mailing list exploit code for an embarrassingly simple flaw in the way many Dahua security cameras and DVRs handle authentication.

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