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See the difference between accurate and precise measurements in the bull’s eye figure below.

Scientists want measurements that are both accurate and precise…

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However, if the clocks change and you forget to reset your wrist watch, then you have a very precise time but it is not very accurate – you will be an hour early or late for all of your meetings!Young Naturists And Nudists America host a yearly nude New Year's Eve party.In 2010 it was held in New York only but in 2011 they expanded to California as well.One of them was entitled “The Tao of Dating: The Modern Woman’s Guide to Loving and Being Loved.” Some things have changed to modern romance since I first published book (ebook and print).I’ve also learned a lot from the 5000 letters readers like you have sent me, so think of this talk as an update and supplement to the book that incorporates the new stuff.The talk has 5 themes: Download link for The Tao of Dating: The Modern Woman’s Guide to Loving and Being Loved (Sun 5 Aug) Download link for Saturday version of same talk (Sunday one was better) If you are a fan of yoga, meditation and dance and can free your schedule for the first week of August, I highly recommend the Magnesia Festival.

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