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One of these is in the dominant clause, the other is the highest indexed constituent in the sister of the SR head.

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Mc Kenzie has been developing his practices for decades, as far back as his early work as the sole permanent member of shifting group The Hafler Trio.The performance will take place 29 November from 6pm for 14 hours and is free to enter.A brief discussion and workshop session will also take place the day before the workshop starts on 23 November, 7pm, £3."Experiencing it – even for a few days – is a useful and significant addition of a perspective, I have found." There is a durational performance at the close of the week, which begins at 6pm and runs for 14 hours."There are destinations," says Mc Kenzie, "but they will be arrived at via the necessary paths of the people taking part." Watch a video about a Swedish version of the workshop below.It makes novel generalizations about the phenomenon based on two empirical sources: A broad, cross-linguistic survey of descriptive reports, and semantic fieldwork that narrowly targets the Kiowa language of Oklahoma.

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