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Most player prioritized the number of games, tournaments, and the size of the initial deposit bonus.The online poker industry is an entirely different beast today.Although this has nothing to do with their poker operations, this Blackjack controversy seems like a needless stain on an otherwise-sound reputation.I still trust Bet Online Poker enough to play there, but this remains a gross and unresolved issue.

Rather than going the typical route of poker startups and piggy-backing on an existing brand, Bet Online Poker has largely become their own network, despite initially resurrecting the old Chico software platform instead of developing their own.

This allows desktop grinders an advantage over casual players who likely don’t even know what a HUD is.

First broken in early 2017, a Blackjack live streamer caught an extremely shady-looking card swap performed by a dealer at a Bet Online live Blackjack table.

You now automatically receive in your real-money poker balance every time you earn 1,500 Comp Points.

Players have 60 days to earn as much of the bonus as possible, which is longer than the typical time period given by competing sites.

It’s important to note that Bet Online outsources its live casino to a company called Global Gaming Labs, so the event didn’t occur in-house.

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